Locus of Walthamstow (LOW) was set up by two local business owners that wanted to create a community space run by the community. 

Currently run by two sisters that have worked and lived in Walthamstow their whole lives, they have seen the changes the community has gone through over the last few years and enjoy engaging in community activities. 

We aim to help local social entrepreneurs, makers, freelancers and creatives to bring their visions to life alongside helping with funding and workshop set up.

We also run a coffee shop, Wynwood Art District. Go check it out. 

We have a disability ramp on request

Who We Are

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Sister 1

Ideas creator, organiser, traveller, food experimenter, people watcher, visual anthropology lover. 

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Sister 2

Event organiser, joke teller, A&R, traveller, music lover. 

Who we work with

Funders, supporters and friends. 

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Find us

1 Chingford road



E17 4PW

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