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What we do with your details:

LOW will keep your details secure and not share with any third parties without your consent. We will contact you from time to time with any information about us and with regards to events and bookings

What details do we collect:

-We will collect your name, address, email, and telephone number when you place a booking

-When signing up to a newsletter we will have access to information based on links and emails that are opened.  

-Our website collects general information based on which pages are visited an any links opened.

The website may collect IP addresses and cookies when connected through the internet and placing orders and cookies that are selected with our cookie banner when visiting the store. Please read more about cookies here


Payment data:

Your data is collected by Wix (Our service provider) which is a global company with offices worldwide. All payments are secure and carried through Wix, which  is PCI compliant. We will collect personal details when you place an order which may include your name, address, passwords, payment details and comments. When Worldpay is used, we ensure that we keep up to date with PCI compliant procedures and checks. 


Why do we collect your details:

-To ensure that our services can operate

-To communicate and for customer service

- To notify our visitors of any promotional offers

- To comply with laws and regulations

-To ensure that your details are safe and secure

-To monitor an analyse performance

-To identify buyers based on order number


Information storage:

Your information will be stored within the internal website sign up system.

Your information will be stored by which operate with firewalls and are PCI complaint.

Any emails send to us through gmail will be stored on our gmail account.

Browsing cookies will be collected by Wix.

If you would like to withdraw your consent, please email

1. Please ensure that you read all terms and conditions that are sent to you when making your booking with LOW. ( Terms and conditions are sent alongside a booking form)

2. There may be times that we will collect information such as email addresses. Please note that this information will not be shared.

3. We have a commitment to equality and diversity at LOW

4. We reserve the right to refuse anyone onto the premises if we feel that they will be a danger or cause harm, this includes the right to refuse events we feel

are not suitable.

5. Any electrical items brought onto the premises will need to be PAT tested. 

6. Anyone under the age of 16 will need to be supervised if using the room rental facility.

7. Any teacher of any workshop teaching under 18's will need to have a CRB check.

8. If you book the space for an event or to host a workshop, please check that you are covered by the relevant insurances.

9. When making a booking please ensure that the maximum capacity is enforced. We have the right to cancel any classes or events that 

disregard this policy.

10. We will ask for all promotional content to be approved by LOW if using our name in advertising. 

11. All Workshops booked are non refundable except if cancelled by the host. 

12. Please check all of the terms and conditions when attending a workshop

13. Please check all terms and conditions when hosting a workshop

14. Please check all terms and conditions when renting a space. 

15. When buying items from the pop up space, LOW has connection with the shop with regards to returns and exchanges. Please contact or speak to the pop up shop owners in unsatisfied with the goods. 

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