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12pm - Arrival, networking

12:30pm - Introduction

1:00pm - Charlie's Dance Demo.

Walthamstow born, Charlie Blair is a driven Hip Hop dance artist who strives to break boundaries within her practice. Through her company ‘The Blair Academy’ her goal is to combat loneliness in the UK amongst children and adults. She uses the medium of Hip Hop dance to promote community cohesion and improve wellbeing. Hip Hop has a historic ability to engage those marginalised by society  

2.00pm - Mindset Motivation Demo/ talk

After working with children with special needs for years, Anike noticed that parents work tirelessly to support their children but there was limited support for the parents. Her passion to provide support to parents led her to create Lapapo Special Needs. She did this while working a full time job. This session will focus on the barriers people face when pursuing  passions. 

If you would like to attend a demo please email

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For more info please contact

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