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Need a registered Business address?

This service is for businesses and freelancers that want to use our address as their registered business address for their website, mail and even to register with HMRC


Not everyone wants to use their home address for a variety of reasons, with the two most important being privacy and professionalism. 

How it works.

Get in contact with us: and tell us that you are

interested in our 'LOW MAIL' offering. We will then

send you the files that we need filled out.


If you are registering with HMRC then you will need

to do that yourself.

Once all set up and the mail starts coming to us, we

will then either:

- Scan and send

- Have them ready for you to collect

- Forward them on (Additional cost)

What's the cost?

- Mail delivery and scan/ Pickup - £8.50 per month

- Registered address with HMRC, scan/pickup - £10 per month

- Mail forwarding - £0.50 per letter and then

   additional stamp costs

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