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We have a real passion for spreading the love of all of the creativity in the community. Zines are a great way of collaborating and also creatively getting your voice heard.

Slab City will host a range of Zines made by us, facilitated by us through work shops and one to ones and those from the community. 

Get in touch if:

- If you have a Zine you want to sell in our shop

- You are thinking of making a Zine and need guidance

- You want get attend a Zine making workshop

- You want to host a Zine making, creative writing or art based       workshop

We will also host publications from local authors. If you would like more information please email

We will host our own Zine/ Newsletter monthly. We will have an open call for specific submissions, so please check back here for updates and follow our INSTAGRAM


Check Here for any Zine workshops

NOTHING YET- please check back

Check out our latest  ' Community Zine' HERE




Previous Zines


Community Zine


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